Friday, October 14, 2005

Sailing Lesson

The theme for this one was "Lost" and it was written in late May of 2000. It's another one I tried to put a twist in at the end. I kinda like it.

The wild seas tossed the small sailboat unmercifully. The storm had come seemingly from nowhere, and only the incredible skill of the instructor kept them from capsizing. Nicole saw only sheets of rain and wild waves, and then she heard him yell a warning, as the tiny boat slammed to a stop and she was spilled out onto the wet sand of a beach.

Watching him work to save what he could in the driving rain and pounding surf, she thought back to when they met. He had a dark tan, sun bleached hair, and a well-maintained physique. He had been introduced as Ivan Carpenter, but quickly asked her to call him "Carp." She found him somewhat mysterious and a little aloof. He spoke only enough to convey the lesson, no matter how she tried to draw him out in conversation.

"Nicole! Mrs. Smethers!" It finally dawned on her that he was shouting to her through the gale. "Help me drag what's left to the tree line, and then we have to find some shelter!" Ashamed to have been caught daydreaming at such a time, she helped him drag the remains of the boat up into the trees. Then she followed him inland a little until he pointed to a thicket, saying," That will have to do; it's out of the worst of the wind and rain anyway."

They squirmed their way into the thicket, sitting on her towel that he had salvaged. Only then did she start to worry, as she was sure this was not the resort island. She knew there were other little islands in the area, but most without fresh water, so therefore uninhabitable. She started to feel cold and afraid, and found herself exhausted and shivering.

"Will we be okay?" she asked in a shaky voice. "How long before they find us?"

"This storm will blow over in a few hours at most, and they should find us by tomorrow," Carp told her. "It will be dark by the time the storm is gone, though, so we'll be spending the night here."

She started shaking worse with cold and fear; and he put his arm around her as the gale howled around them. She moved closer, and the combination of her exhaustion, with the warmth and confidence that he exuded, lulled her into a deep sleep.

She woke with a start. It was dark! Where was she? Then she remembered, and started to panic as she realized she was alone. But then she saw Carp just outside the thicket, and he had a fire going. She crawled out, and he handed her a cup of tepid water, and a piece of fish on a palm leaf.

"Where in the world did this come from?" she asked, amazed, but famished enough to take a bite first.

"Water came from the boat; rain filled the whole aft end, the way it's sitting.  All the water we're likely to get, too. The cup was in your bag."

"What about the fish?" she asked as he handed her more.

"Easy enough to catch in these waters. Got it right at dark while you were asleep."

"Well, you're amazing; and I thank you," she said, making him look uncomfortable.

"I don't know about that. This whole thing is my fault, I reckon. Storm should have moved the other way but it sure fooled me. I'm really sorry about that. You'll get a refund for the lesson, of course."

She moved over to sit beside him. "Don't be silly; I'm just glad I had you to get me through it alive." She reached up and kissed him on the cheek, and found his blush endearing. She also found herself considering a whole night there, alone with him, as she always did think he was very sexy. But she was a housewife from Kansas, married faithfully for 20 years; and she believed that nothing was going to happen to ever change that. Yet, when he looked down at her and asked, "Are you warm enough?" she felt herself falling into those deep brown eyes.

"Please put your arm around me again," she said. "It was so nice and warm before."  As he did, she moved closer, aware of every inch where their skin touched. She found herself snuggling tighter, and ran her hand through the hair on his chest. She tipped her head up, and her expression invited his lips to find hers. Everything else, including the cold, was forgotten... they were the only two people in the world.

It was a night of passion like none she'd experienced before. He raised her gently to heights she'd only dreamed about... pleasuring and guiding her... again and again.

She felt the warm sun on her skin, but still she fought waking, not wanting the night to end. She found herself wrapped in his arms, their bodies entwined, the memory of the night before so vivid in her mind.  Then she heard a helicopter and felt sand against her cheek as it moved over them. She could no longer sense Carp's presence, and felt herself moving more and more toward wakefulness, though still trying to fight it.

"Nicole, wake up! It's the friggin' middle of the day and you're gonna miss the sailing lesson you made such a big deal about, if you don't get your butt up off that towel and get moving!" She found herself looking at the sunburned face of her husband. Snapping awake she looked around. She was on a towel on the beach at the resort, not lost on a deserted island.

Disappointment overwhelmed her... until she looked over toward the sailboats.  There Carp was waiting for her, just like in her dream. He had given her something she would remember forever, whether he knew it or not.

"I'll see you for dinner." her husband said. "And you be careful now. I don't care what they say -- it looks like it may storm."

Nicole walked off... smiling.

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