Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Blue's Dream

This was a solo story, no collaborator on this one. The theme was "Blues". It was written in February of 2000. I keep trying this story as a letter form. I like it but I seem to be alone because they never seem to be among my more popular stories and none has ever won any sort of award. I actually did a fair amount of research for this story reading a book or two about blues music including some stories of artists and their experiences on the road. I'm not sure it was worth the effort but I enjoyed the process.

Hi, baby!

I'm wondering if you're missing me as much as I'm missing you. I know I already called tonight, but I wanted to write so you'd have something to hold in your hand---the hand that I so often hold in my own. We'll be home in just about two more weeks and I can't wait to hold you in my arms again. At the same time, we're all having a blast, and I 'm so grateful to you for supporting me while I follow my dream.

I think I'll tell you about today, because it was typical of our days on the road.

I got up and down to the lobby right at 11, which is when we'd agreed to check out. While I settled the bill, Luther went to pry Fred out of bed and get him moving. That boy seems to need more sleep than anybody I've ever seen! He'll probably be dozing most of the way to our next gig, too, until it's his turn to drive (and even then, somebody keeps an eye on him just to make sure)!

We grabbed a quick bite to eat at a place by the interstate that was still serving breakfast. (I just can't start the day with lunch; you know how I am!) Then we motored back on down the highway. We've been really lucky in that we haven't had too much really bad weather for driving; and so far, we've only had a couple of fairly minor mechanical problems with the van, which Don managed to fix. We tease him because he can't play a lick on an instrument and can only sing; but I gotta tell you, honey, he can turn a wrench every bit as good as Fred blows that sax! Don kids us that if the group doesn't make it in this business, he's the only one of us that is employable! Lord, I hope we don't have to find out if he's right!

We pulled in here around 3:30 this afternoon and got checked in. This motel is better than the last, but not as nice as some. I'm getting pretty good at picking them, though, and knowing the important things to look for---so much that everyone just leaves it to me to make the arrangements. (Hey, maybe I should tell Don that I can always be a travel agent if we don't make it singing the blues!)

After we all got settled, we drove over to the club to check it out, talk to the manager, etc. Most of the guys hung around there while Don and I went to the local radio station and did an interview and a couple of plugs. I'm still learning to tolerate them, as I know they're essential to our success... but I'll tell you, Don has them eating out of his hand during those interviews! I guess it's because he's always been such a natural with details and bullshit, and both of those are essential ingredients, it seems!

And from there, we went back to the club, where we spent a while with the guy that handles music for the local newspaper. That can sometimes be a joke, but this dude seemed to know his stuff.  I think the guys sensed it too, because they gave him some good material. Now we'll just hope his editor doesn't cut a potentially great story down to filler!

After the sound check, we stopped to get some dinner, and got back to the motel around 7:30. I took a nap (and of course, so did Fred), but I think the others were too keyed up. I didn't have any trouble nodding off, though, as life on the road really wears on me. Don't get me wrong, baby; I love this! But having so much responsibility, and not being home for so long, does tend to exhaust me... and it gets pretty lonely sometimes. I'm sure it does that to everyone in this business. But then again, I'd also hate to ever get to the point that I didn't look forward to getting home to you!

As we always like to do, we got to the club about an hour early. We went on at 10 p.m., and the first set went super. We were really in a groove and were all surprised when it was time for the break. I saw some people in the audience I recognized from several of the other clubs we've played, and I went down to say hello. While I was talking to them, a lady came up and said she was from a national magazine. I politely said goodbye and thanks to the other folks, and talked to that woman for a while.  She said that while this was the first time she'd seen us, she really liked our sound. She seemed to be very interested in the story of how we got started, and told me she'd like to see how her boss would react to a feature story about us. Honey, that will be so great if she can!

We wrapped up the second set late---almost 1 a.m.---but it felt so good that it was justtoo hard to stop! An hour later we were back here at the motel. We sat around shooting the breeze for a while, as it's impossible to go to sleep right after a show (not even Fred can do that). It's now almost 3 a.m. and I'm sitting here alone, finishing this letter to you. I'll go to sleep shortly; and tomorrow, we'll do the whole thing over again.

I hope you liked sharing my day. You know how I love the blues, and you know how I love you. Thanks so much for being there for me, and allowing me to live out my dream like this... you're one in a million!

I'll see you soon.

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dreamingbrwneyes said...

I love stories that are written as a letter. It makes it more personal, really grabs the reader.