Friday, August 12, 2005

One Texas Summer

I want to post another story now for a couple of reasons. I'm heading to Vegas for a week tomorrow and doubt I'll have a lot of time for it next week. Also I got pimped by Gem in her journal and since she even mentioned these stories it encouraged me to post another one.

This is another story written for the theme "Escapades". It is also another collaboration. I can't for the life of me remember the inspiration for this story. As I remember the only comments I got on it from the judges were corrections to the grammar in the dialog. We had intended it to sound like a Texas teenager talking but maybe it didn't work, you be the judge.

It was August 1969 in Texas.  My folks had gone to South Padre Island for their annual vacation, but I was 16 and had a job, so I was spared.  Me and my best friend Jimbo were hangin' out at my house, reveling in our temporary freedom.  While we sucked on Marlboros, we were surrounded by dirty dishes, empty soda bottles, and overflowin' ashtrays.

But by the third day, the novelty of paradise was wearing off a bit.  Jimbo'd brought his girlfriend Kimmy over, so besides being bored, I had to watch the two of them neckin'.  Suddenly Jimbo said he had this great idea... a sure sign to watch my ass!

"Robbie, your daddy's car is sittin' right there, just beggin' us to get in!  Kimmy says Pam thinks you're pretty cute---we could pick her up, and head over to the lake, and have ourselves a good ol' time!"

Well, it was appealing, but I could see two problems right away.  First, I was not supposed to even *touch* Daddy's new '70 Hemi 'Cuda, let alone drive it!  And second, Pam had this reputation for being a bit "loose"... and while I was aching' to finally get laid, I wasn't sure I wanted it to be with her, cuz she would know for sure it was my first time.  But also, I didn't know when I'd ever have a more perfect chance... so I blurted out, "What the hell... let's go for it!"

I got the spare keys from where I knew Daddy kept them, and we headed out.  Jimbo and Kimmy were giggling and squirmin' in the back seat... he and I talked constantly about girls and sex; but he probably embellished as much as me; so I wasn't sure if the two of them had actually done the deed.

We stopped at the Dairy Queen where Pam was just getting' off work.  I watched Kimmy and her talkin',glancing' out at us now and then.  Jimbo kept jabberin' to me about how horny he was, and how he hoped Pam would come along, cuz he figgered that would make it smooth sailin' with Kimmy.  Well, his wish came true, cuz a few minutes later they both headed out to the car.  Pam climbed into the front seat, said hi, and rambled on about how great the car was.  I think she was actually more interested in that 'Cuda than in me... but hell, you hafta answer when opportunity knocks, right?

That big Hemi showed its stuff as I peeled outta there, and Pam squealed as she held onto my arm.  It kinda scared me, too---I'd never driven a car with that much scat!  But everyone seemed to be impressed, and Pam was *glued* to me---I could even feel her breasts against my arm!  And when we got to the lake, she even kissed me and said she thought I was cool!  I kissed her back... and even got some tongue that time!  After that... well, things got pretty hot and heavy in both seats of that vehicle.  Then suddenly Jimbo slapped me on the head and said, "Come on!  We came here to skinny dip!"  To my surprise, Pam looked a bit nervous at that.

We followed behind Jimbo and Kimmy, as they shed their clothes on the way to the lake.  Then Pam stopped and said, "I hafta tell you something, Robbie.  I never really skinny-dipped with a guy before."  I just said, "Well, no one will see us... and besides, Jimbo and Kimmy won't let us back out now without takin' a lot of crap about it!"

I promised Pam I wouldn't watch her, and I undressed and ran into the water first.  I really had planned to peek, but got distracted by Kimmy standing out of the water from her waist up.  Jimbo pulled her down so only their heads were visible then; but I had a pretty good idea what was goin' on underneath!  Just then, I felt Pam's arms around me from behind... and I was embarrassed as hell that I was already... well, "standin' at attention"... before I had even touched her!

We started kissin' right away, and quickly got our hands into the act, too.  We watched Jimbo and Kimmy head back toward some bushes... and soon the moanin' from shore sorta "inspired" us, and Pam took my hand and led us out of the water.

We laid down and started rubbin' our bodies together, and I knew I'd better get that rubber out soon, cuz it was too tempting to just keep going!  I dug it out of my jeans pocket, and Pam took it and said, "Here, let me."  But the second she started to put it on me... well, let's just say it got there a little too late.  All I could say was, "oh, shit"... and grabbed myself to finish it off.

Needless to say, it kinda broke the mood.  And besides being embarrassed, I was also worried that Pam would be pissed.  But all she did was hug me, and whispered, "Ya know, Robbie, I'm kinda glad that happened.  Cuz... I've never gone all the way.  Oh, I know what everyone says about me... and, well, I've always kinda liked that people think I'm sexy and all that.  But deep down... I'm kinda scared to do it, cuz the guys would know it's not true."  I hugged her back, and we ended up havin' a real good talk that night.

As things turned out, we got that 'Cuda back home safe and sound... and Daddy never did find out about it.  And Pam and I never told anyone the secrets we'd learned about each other that evening on the beach.  We actually stayed pretty close friends after that---though we never got together again for a "second chance.  But still... I'll never forget that whole escapade, cuz it was one of the most unexpected and excitin' nights of my life!

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