Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Teachers are Everywhere

I just realized that I've not posted a story today. I wanted to post one or two a day until they are all here. I think I may also have to write the next part to the first story I posted here, "The Meeting". Almost everybody that has ever read it has asked, "What happens next." To tell you the truth I am not sure. That's the way it is with my stories much of the time, they take on a life of their own seemingly. I do want to find out what happens next so I'll work on that.

Enough of that though and on with another old story. It was written in November of 1998. The theme this week was "Teachers". Again this is not one of my favorites. It lacks any tension at all and seems a bit "preachy" I have a feeling I was actively engaged in trying to teach Lee to like to read when I wrote this. He reads so well but doesn't like to do it. I cannot fathom how anybody can not like to read. Oh well. I hope you enjoy this story for all it's not my best effort by far.

"Dad I can’t wait until I’m done with school." Kevin told his father while watching TV one afternoon.

"Why is that? Is it that bad?"

"Yes!" Kevin said emphatically. "I hate teachers and I hate learning stuff"

"You do huh?" his dad said. "What about your hockey coach? You like learning to get better at hockey don’t you?"

"Well yeah but that’s not what I meant" Kevin said.

"I know what you meant Kevin. You meant you’re tired of school. You’ll have teachers all your life, even you’ve been a teacher before and you will be again."

"No I haven’t! I’m a kid not a teacher"

"You taught me to play your new Nintendo game didn’t you?"

"Yeah but I guess I’m not a very good one, you’re lousy at it." Kevin said.

"But you didn’t give up on me did you? That’s a very good thing" his Dad told him, "You’ll find teachers everywhere you look. I have teachers in my life, besides you I mean. I’ve had very good friends who have taught me a lot. Learning is not just about multiplication tables Kevin. That stuff you learn in school is by and large stuff you will need to know later in life but mostly what you are learning in school right now is how to learn."

"Once you learn how to learn you can conquer the world. If you know how to unlock the power of the information around you then you will be able to do anything you want to do with your life. Always seek out people that know more than you and let them teach you what they know."

"If you want to make friends find somebody with lots of friends then watch and listen to them and see how they do it. Let them teach you. If you want to play hockey better find people that are better hockey players and let them be your teachers if they are willing."

"I hope you’ll never quit learning Kevin. But I hope something else too. I hope you’ll never stop being a teacher. You have a lot to teach even now."

"What could I teach Dad?" Kevin asked looking interested.

"You can teach somebody not as good as you to play hockey. You can help teach younger kids to read. That’s what you’re doing with your Reading Buddy program at school you know. You teach me to remember what its like to be a kid, Kevin. You teach me to lighten up and live for the moment sometimes. Teachers will be everywhere in your life Kevin if you’ll let them in. And you’ll never run out of things to teach or people to teach things to. The thing is
to learn to look around you and see who can be your teachers and who you can be a teacher too. You have to do both Kevin."

"Wow Dad I’m a teacher!" Kevin said. "And you know what?"

"What Kev?"

"You’re my favorite teacher"

"Thanks Kev" his dad said as he ruffled Kevin’s hair and walked away with a smile on his face.


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Awww....great one.

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Wonderful, as always!