Thursday, June 30, 2005

Lovers Change

This is another 'Changing' Story. One of the times I wrote two stories for one week. This one is fairly close to plagarism or whatever. See if you can figure out which country music artist would come after me if I ever tried to sell this story :) Like the previous story it was written in late January of 2000.

What a shock it was to see you last night in the mall. I've not seen you for nearly 6 months now. Haven't heard a word from you for that long.

You looked so good, just as I remember. You were wearing my shirt I gave you long ago when you asked for something to remember me by. You were laughing and happy and I felt good until I noticed you were with HIM. Why would you wear my shirt with him? I guess you don't think of me when you wear it.

It hurt seeing you so happy with someone else but then when I said hello and you introduced me as someone you used to know… Is that all I am? Just a guy from school?

Have you told him about the weekends at the beach? The long walks at night with the moon and the water and making love with the sound of the ocean washing over us as the light of the moon made you glow like an angel?

Have you told him how we used to argue about who loved who the most? That, at least, is settled since I still love you so and I'm just someone you used to know.

Have you told him about me at all? About how we'd lie together and talk for hours, about the time we took a shower in the rain, about the breakfasts in bed when you were sick. We shared so much and yet it all seems for naught considering I'm just someone you used to know.

I don't know how it changed or when but it hurts so much hearing that phrase echoing in my head and knowing that to you now I'm just someone you used to know.

Well good bye….and remember….I love you more.


robinngabster said...

I win I win!  Someone You Used to KNow by Collin Raye!!!

dreamingbrwneyes said...

This is beautiful. I didn't know poker players were such romantics : ) I am hoping to get through all these stories soon. I am in love with this first one. Great job! More, More, More : )